Nike's Luxury Sports Jet
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Travel the skies in style with this new Nike luxury jet from the Seattle design firm Teague. With the goal of conquering home field advantage in mind, Teague set about designing an ultra-luxurious cabin to help athlete’s find their peak performance, even when away from home.
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Teague’s design team has done away with the many rows of seats and overhead bins one would expect, which means even Yao Ming could walk through the aisle without stooping and the widest wide receivers will have plenty of room in the special chairs. By limiting the number of passengers and eliminating all the rows of seats in commercial private jets, the plane now allows for distinct zones: seating/sleep, socialization, recovery, and nutrition. There’s even a social zone, where cargo would normally be stored, for among other things, “celebrating victories,” as well as a rest/recovery zone, a mandatory feature for even the most modest games.
A Flying Data Server
Technology permeates the cabin. Wearable sensors embedded into clothing can collect data on the player’s physiology and feed it to the on-board computers.

The plane is a vessel for all the data, it’s a flying server capable of processing data from the athletes garments.-Steiner

Team trainers could use that data to facilitate the recovery process after the game, say dimming lights for players who need rest, or alerting the catering staff to prepare a shake with the right mix of macronutrients for a particular player.
The in-flight entertainment systems have been redesigned to build team spirit. Players can use seat-back screens to review personalized game plans, taunt rookies, and if successful, watch highlights of themselves on ESPN on the flight home. Even the humble lavatory received a high-tech overhaul. “Hydration is very important when you travel and critical when you recover,” says Steiner. As a result, the design features high-tech urinals that measure hydration levels and feed information to the seat-back screens, alerting players that they’re in need of Gatorade.

These innovations could help a pitcher win the World Series, but many could also be applied to standard jets to help a road-weary sales person ace a PowerPoint pitch. The Lebron-sized seats might be an unaffordable luxury, but a self-serve galley seems like a realistic improvement. Teague designed a new kind of sleeve for players’ legs that plugs into the plane’s HVAC systems and fills with air to help circulation, which is a great pre-game luxury, but could also become an upgrade for long-haul flyers at risk for deep-vein thrombosis.

Beyond the novel layout and gadgets, Teague and Nike’s cabin just looks like a place that a young, stylish, multi-millionaire would want to hang out. “Nike are absolute experts in two areas, athletic expertise and materials,” says Steiner. Flyknit mesh gives players privacy in their seats while maintaining a bright environment. Metal and glass panels would be non-starters in a standard jet, due to stringent FAA regulations, but looser rules for private aircraft allowed the designers to focus on designing a cabin that feels more like a night club than flying cubicle


By: Pax Lancaster On: Feb 11, 02:10 PM
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